Alerte au faux policier dans le parc!

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Police seek fake cop after incident in Gatineau Park


Last Updated: September 12, 2010 11:12pm

Gatineau Park enthusiasts have been put on alert after a cyclist claimed a fake cop attempted to “arrest” him.

The Ottawa cyclist, who didn’t want his name or age used, said he was southbound around the northern loop of the Gatineau Pkwy. heading toward Gamelin around 7:15 p.m. Saturday when he encountered a man standing in the middle of the road.

“I was biking and some guy directed me off the road (toward a parking lot) and told me I was under arrest,” the man said. “He was all dressed up like a cop, so I stopped and asked him why I was in trouble.”

The fake cop was wearing a vest, badge and cap that all had the word “marshal” on them. He also had a holster strapped around his waist with what appeared to be a gun in it, and he was wearing sunglasses.

“I asked him again why I was being arrested and he threatened me with a gun or a Taser,” the man said. “There’s a pretty secluded parking lot there. He said, ‘proceed toward me. I’ve been mandated by the NCC to put you under arrest.’”

He asked the man again why he was being detained, but instead of replying the suspect ordered the cyclist to drop to his knees.

“Then he took out his gun and pointed it at me and he proceeded to take out his handcuffs and said he was going to handcuff me and I gunned it out of there.

“He started running after me pointing the weapon at me. Who knows what he might have done if I hadn’t escaped?”

He stopped to warn a fellow cyclist who was riding toward the suspect. He then called police.

“This guy was very, very assertive, as though he’d rehearsed this before or has done this before. Aggressive and determined with the gun and handcuffs. Who knows what he would have done if he managed to get me to believe the whole thing?”

He said the bogus cop had a grey, four-door sedan with a a green Kona mountain bike on a rack on the back.

MRC des Collines police Staff-Sgt. Daniel Pariseau said the incident is being treated very seriously.

“It’s still under investigation. We’ve been looking around for the guy since, but we have no one in custody yet.”

Cops fanned out at exits near Gamelin, but the search so far has been unsuccessful.

The cyclist said the incident was scary, but he won’t let it stop him from doing what he loves to do.

“I’ll go back. I’ve been biking up there for 18 years and it’ll take more than this to stop me.”